Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Programme

At a presentation in February 2023 Harbury Primary School introduced a new reading scheme alongside use of the Accelerated Reader Programme. In support of this initiative Harbury Village Library is recording Accelerated Reader criteria for any of the books in our collection for which the criteria have been specified in the online Accelerated Reader Bookfinder.  An additional label has been added to the spines of books, and details are available in our online catalogue from where books can be requested.

Step 1

Check if information about a book has been recorded in the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder

Step 2

Record Accelerated Reader information in our Library Management System

Step 3

Attach orange and white label, with Accelerated Reader information, to the spine of the book.

Step 4

Publish information in our Online Catalogue about Children's Fiction and Non-fiction books for which Accelerated Reader information is available. 

Step 5

Request a book and collect it from the library.