Own Books

OWN BOOKS is an innovative book recycling project to help children have their own books at home.

The project aims to:

  1. Encourage young children to develop an early love of books and reading through choosing and keeping their own books at home

  2. Encourage children to select books to take home when it suits them

  3. Avoid the need to buy or obligation to return the books

  4. Remove any stress and financial constraints on parents over acquisition of books

  5. Encourage parents to read with their children at home

Harbury Village Library is now an Own Books hub, not only providing a selection of books in our foyer for children to take home and keep, but also providing books for Schools, Preschools, Nurseries, Parenting Centres, Play Groups, and Early Years Settings.

If you're interested in getting involved, please email us at ownbooks@habruryvillagelibrary.org.uk

About Own Books

OWN BOOKS is a charity, founded by Julie de Bastion, and is a child centred project aiming to give away free books to children of all backgrounds and ages, without any discrimination. They believe passionately in children having books at home, sharing and enjoying them with their siblings and families.