Publishing and how to Self Publish

Jeremy Atkins, owner of Harbury publishing company Fernhurst Books, will host a free session about self publishing, at Harbury Village Library, on Wednesday 5th February at 7.30 p.m.

Jeremy will talk about the process of guiding authors through the publishing process including:

EDITORIAL: Proof reading; Full edit
BOOK DESIGN: Typesetting; Layout design; Cover design; eBook conversion
ADMINISTRATION: Sourcing ISBNs; Generating barcodes
PRINTING: Traditional (litho / offset) printing; Digital printing; Print-on-demand
DISTRIBUTION: Advice; Metadata; Setting up distribution platform
MARKETING: Advance Information; Press release; Branding; Communications

Jeremy Atkins self-published his first book in 1984, others followed and then in 2013 he bought a publishing company specialising in watersports which is now registered in Harbury. Over 70 books later he is happy to share his experiences.

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