Books added to the library in week ending 27th September, 2014

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Children's Fiction

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Janis MacKay
The Selkie Girl
Fiction - Fergus lives with his father by the sea, but is lonely. He wants a friend more than anything. One day Fergus finds treasure on the beach: a beautiful fur blanket hidden in the rocks. But Fergus doesn’t know that his treasure belongs to someone else - a selkie girl has lost her seal skin and can’t go home to the sea without it.

The Selkie Girl is one of the first titles released in the new Picture Kelpies: Traditional Scottish Tales range of picture books that bring classic Scottish folk and fairy tales to life for young children.

Alexander McCall SmithGood Dog Lion5+ 7+ Dyslexia Friendly - Timo and his mother do not have much money - in fact, they have almost none. But that does not matter too much, because Timo has his mother and she has him. They have their little house. They have friends and neighbours. They have the world about them. All of that can be enough for happiness. There is one more thing, though, that Timo would like to have ...A dog!

Adult Fiction

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 David AlmondSkellig11+ Michael stumbles into the old garage of his new home, and finds a strange creature - part owl, part angel, a being who needs Michael’s help if he is to survive. Michael nourishes Skellig back to health, while his baby sister languishes in the hospital. But as Skellig helps Michael breathe life into his sister, Michael’s world changes for ever.
Katie Flynn Chasing Rainbows Adult Fiction - A story of marriage in which the husband, Clive, spends most of his time working away from home in Saudi Arabia. Despite this, he objects when his wife, Clare, takes on a part time job working in a cafe, and she soon finds that Clive’s visits home become less important to her. Originally published: as by Judith Saxton. 1988.
Katie FlynnJenny AloneAdult Fiction - After the sudden and brutal breakdown of her marriage, Jenny finds herself alone for the first time in her life when she leaves the comfortable farmhouse with her four-year-old daughter. Taking refuge in a seaside town in North Wales, Jenny finds a room in a boarding house. It’s difficult atfirst, but as she gets to know her fellow residents ...
Penny HancockA Trick of the MindThriller / Suspense - Driving down to the cottage in Southwold she’s newly inherited from her Aunty May, Ellie senses she is on the edge of something new. The life she’s always dreamed of living as a successful artist seems as though it is about to begin. So excited is she that she barely notices when the car bumps against something on the road.
Charlaine HarrisDead Ever After (A True Blood Novel)Teen Fiction - Life has taken Sookie from waitress in a bar to its part owner; from social outcast to popularity; from a vampire’s girlfriend to the wife of one of the most powerful vampires in the state. She has survived explosions, revolutions and attempts on her life. But the question is, in the end, who will love, who will live and who will be dead ever after.
Jack HigginsThe Death TradeThriller / Suspense - The world’s most dangerous man has escaped - and it’s up to Sean Dillon and Co to find him, before he falls into the hands of al Qaeda. When Iran’s head of nuclear weapons programme absconds he is hunted by everyone: the Iranians, al Qaeda and Sean Dillon’s team of specialists. Travelling from London, Paris, and the Middle East to the desert wastes.
John-Henri HolmbergA Darker ShadeThriller / Suspense - Sweden’s best crimewriters have been brought together to form this dark and gripping collection, published for the first time in the English language. Contributors include Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, Per Wahloo and Eva Gabrielsson.
Philip KerrPrayerLARGE PRINT Thriller / Suspense - Special Agent Gil Martins investigates domestic terrorism for the Houston FBI. He is a religious man who is close to losing his faith; the very nature of his job has led him to question the existence of a God who could allow the things that Gil sees every day. But Gil’s wife Ruth doesn’t see things the same way and his crisis of faith provokes a fracture in their marriage. Gil’s world is breaking apart. At the same time, Gil starts to investigate a series of unexplained deaths that bring this crisis of faith into uncomfortable focus.
Judith LennoxOne Last DanceFamily Drama - As the twentieth century draws to a close, Esme Reddaway knows that she must uncover the truth. A truth that began during the First World War when Devlin Reddaway fell passionately in love with Esme’s elder sister, Camilla, and promised to rebuild his ancestral home, Rosindell, for her. But the war changes everything and Devlin returns to England ...
Peter LoveseyKeystoneCrime / Thriller - Warwick Easton is a cop - a movie cop, that is. Landing in the crazy world of Keystone Film Studios, California, in 1916, a chance meeting with a silent comedy star lands him a job as Keystone the cop. Little does he realise some very real danger is on its way. Terrible events begin to occur: a horrific death on a rollercoaster, a body in a bungalow ...
Carole MortimerA D’Angelo Like No OtherLARGE PRINT Romance - When trouble comes in twos...Michael D'Angelo might be the driving force behind the successful Archangel galleries, but it doesn't mean he's perfect...he lost his halo years ago! Yet when a delectable woman shows up in Paris, claiming he's the father to twins, it's one mistake Michael is certain he's not responsible for. Fiery Eva Foster won't walk away until the twins in her charge are reunited with their father. Now the one person she hoped would help is the only person standing in her way. A line has been drawn in the sand - but when the spark between them catches all bets are off!
James Patterson and Ashwin SanghiPrivate IndiaThriller / Suspense - When Santosh Wagh isn’t struggling out of a bottle of whisky he’s head of Private India, the Mumbai branch of the world’s finest PI agency. In a city of over thirteen million he has his work cut out at the best of times. But now someone is killing women - seemingly unconnected women murdered in a chilling ritual, with strange objects placed  ...
Amy RuttanMelting the Ice Queen’s HeartLARGE PRINT - Medical Romance - Having left his humanitarian posting in Africa to raise his two orphaned nieces in San Francisco, Dr Gavin Brice has enough on his plate without an inconvenient attraction to his new boss! The frosty Dr Virginia Potter clearly disapproves of his maverick ways - but with one amazing kiss, the ice begins to thaw...
 Alan TitchmarshBring me Home Family Drama - ’You really are the perfect family, aren’t you?’ Charlie Stuart, the owner of a Scottish castle and disappointed father of a brood of grown-up children, took in the full irony of his guest’s comment at a Sunday house party. His family - and his life - were far from perfect. He had longed since childhood to inherit the Castle on the loch.

Adult Non-Fiction

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Lonely Planet: Sweden
Travel - From the beauty of Stockholm to the vastness of the country's wilderness areas, this guide will help you experience all that Sweden has to offer no matter what your budget. Previous ed.: published as by Becky Ohlsen and Cristian Bonetto.

Michael PalinTravelling to Work Diaries 1988 - 98Biography - This is the third volume of Michael Palin’s widely acclaimed diaries. After the Python years and a decade of filming, writing and acting, Palin’s career takes an unexpected direction into travel, which will shape his working life for the next 25 years.