Books by Local Authors
Harbury is not only a village of people who like to borrow books, it's a village of people who like to write books. In order to support our local writers we have a collection of books by local authors for sale in the library. We'd like to encourage others to get in touch about adding to this collection by eMailing to Even if you're producing eBooks let us know, we'd like to promote your work as well.

AuthorTitleAvailable from
The Harbury SocietyCross the Stile: Footpaths around HarburyHarbury Village Library
The Harbury SocietyHungry Harbury: A Guide to a Warwickshire VillageHarbury Village Library
Lynn MacWhinnieEmotional Wisdom with Bach FlowersHarbury Village Library
Ellie DarkinsNewborn on her DoorstepHarbury Village Library & Online
Harbury HeritageLet's Go Shopping in HarburyHarbury Village Library
John StringerAll Saints Church HarburyHarbury Village Library
Lee SterreyDoyley the DormouseHarbury Village Library & Online
Lee SterreyThe Escaped PigHarbury Village Library & Online
Lee SterreyThe Buttercup GameHarbury Village Library & Online