Current Status of Library Services
Harbury Village Library
As a result of government advice about the Coronavirus epidemic we have sadly taken the decision to close Harbury Village Library and Biblio's Café with immediate effect.

As borrowers, please be reassured that NO FINES WILL BE PAYABLE FOR BOOKS RETAINED DURING THIS PERIOD, although you can renew all your books online through our website. 
Warwickshire County Libraries 
From Monday 23 March, all Warwickshire Libraries sites have been closed to the public and all library events cancelled until further notice. The mobile library service will also not operate. Fines will be waived, and customers need not worry about returning items in the short term. For more information please see the Warwickshire County Libraries website.
Online Library Resources
Please see our website for further information about other means of obtaining reading materials and other resources.
Advice from Public Health England
During the COVID-19 emergency every person, including librarians, is being encouraged to wash their hands more frequently to protect themselves from any contaminated surfaces. The risk from books covered in a plastic cover handled by someone who is a possible COVID-19 case is negligible after 72 hours. The risk from books with a cardboard/paper cover is negligible after 24 hours. 

You can also read the most recent guidance from Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive about social distancing in the workplace by clicking on the links below:
The health and safety of library users and volunteers is of paramount importance at this time, so in designing our Home Delivery and Book Takeaway services we have taken into account advice and guidance from Central and Local Government, Public Health England, the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport, and Libraries Connected.

All books in the library have been untouched since we closed on 18th March.

All communications about book requests and deliveries will be carried out online or by telephone.

Library volunteers will wash their hands thoroughly when arriving at and leaving the library.

Library volunteers preparing and delivering books will be follow government regulations and advice concerning Social Distancing, Isolation and the Handling of Books.

Books being delivered will be wrapped in paper or plastic and will have a note prominently displayed advising recipients not to open the book parcel for 24 hours after receipt.

Any books returned to the library, or donated for the Book Takeaway shelves, will be placed in "quarantine" and not be loaned to another library user for at least one week.