Library Book Group
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As a library we thought we ought to have our own Book Group, but we wanted to try something a little different. So, we're asking if you would be interested in joining a Book Group which concentrates on reading, and discussing, the classics of literature. You know, all those books you knew you ought to read, but never got round to; those you started, but didn't finish; those you always claimed to have read, but haven't. To help us out, please fill in the survey below about what sorts of books you'd like to read.

We hope that the group will meet monthly, starting in October. We'll publicise the date of the first meeting in due course, depending on responses to the survey.

NOTE - To begin with we'll only consider books which have fewer than 500 pages in their standard editions. So no Middlemarch or War and Peace! We'll also stick to books first published before 1950, comfortably before the Booker Prize (1st award 1969) whose winners can be a bit of a Book Group staple.