About Harbury Seed Share
Welcome to Harbury Seed Share, a project set up to help our community “Grow your own!” The Group will coordinate: Seed Donations; Seed Requests and Seedling Swaps.

The project is a collaboration between Earthworms, the Harbury School Gardening Club, and Harbury Village Library. We are supported by Harbury Parish Council and form part of their efforts to help our community during the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Although we’re starting with seed and seedling swaps, eventually we hope to co-ordinate selling plants and produce via local markets. 
The initiative is open to everyone in Harbury Parish whether they’re 1 or 100.

How does the scheme work?
While Social Distance and Self-Isolation regulations are in place we will not be collecting seeds, however, if you would like to send us seeds in the post please use the following address, "Harbury Seed Share, c/o Harbury Village Library, The Wight School, Harbury Warks CV33 9HW, alternatively seed packets cab be dropped through the library letterbox. 

To request a delivery of seeds browse the online seed register and then fill in the online request form to let us know which types of seeds you’d like and the address you would like us to post them to, please limit your selections to five items. 

The Benefits of Gardening
We know that being outside and growing things benefits both physical and mental health and wellbeing. The process of growing something from seed, be it flower or food, is relaxing and rewarding. It's a good way of giving us something nice to do in these anxious times. The benefits of growing our own include:
  • Home grown food is bursting with freshness, flavour and nutrients.
  • We are all a bit more mindful at the moment of where our food comes from. When we grow our own food, herbs and flowers we turn food miles into food metres.
  • Sowing and growing is a great activity for anyone. It's a fun activity to do with children, and a great way to get them to try new foods. 
  • Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in the food we eat. Growing flowers with the nectar and pollen they need is something we can all do to support wildlife.
  • If you are growing with your Children it will:
    • Encourage your family to eat more of the “Good Stuff”.
    • Provide a great family activity and a nice way to spend time together.
    • Increase your child’s awareness of where food comes from.
Please help us to increase awareness of the Group by sharing this information and by liking our Facebook page.