Biblio’s Café
Biblio’s Café is very happy to announce that we will be reopening on Wednesday July 8th with a new Takeaway service. We will be offering freshly brewed coffee and a collection of home baked cakes.

Initial opening hours will be 10-11:30am Wednesdays and 10am-12pm Saturdays. Seating will be available outside the library and on the grass in front of the scout hut (weather permitting).
How the Takeaway Service will work
Customers will enter via the entrance at the left of the building (marked Entrance in the picture below).

Please keep to the left hand side of the path and make your way towards the cafe kitchen door. There will be markings showing 1 metre spacing.

Wait in the queue, making sure you are at least one metre from people in the queue.

Order drink(s) and pay, wait for drink(s) on right hand side of path next to library building

Biblio's volunteers will place your drink(s) on a table next to the kitchen door, you can then take the drink(s) from the table

Please stay as close to the library building as you leave the kitchen area, then turn left and up the ramp towards the main door to the building. You can then exit through the gate at the opposite end of the building to the one you came in by (marked Exit in the picture above). 

Note: There will be some chairs where people can sit with their drinks. Some in the front garden of the building and some on the grass in front of the Scout Hut. The chairs will have been placed to comply with the Government’s Social Distancing Regulations. It is therefore very important that the chairs are not moved and that people respect the distances between the chairs.

About Biblio's Café 
Biblio's Café is a community run cafe based in Harbury Village Library, staffed entirely by volunteers. 

Biblio's was opened in 2012 with the purpose of funding the newly independent village library. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team and our fantastic customers, Biblio’s continues to exceed expectations and has become a valued meeting place in the heart of Harbury. 

We aim to provide an excellent service for all our visitors and will continually strive to improve.

All baked goods are produced by our talented team of volunteer bakers who use Fairtrade, organic or local ingredients wherever possible.

Biblio's has an Allergen Policy and provides a range of gluten free baked goods (please ask a member of the team for details).

We hope that you will enjoy your visit to the Library and Cafe.