WebWise Course Contents

The Web Wise Project is managed by Age UK Warwickshire, in partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau, Stratford District, and is funded by Comic Relief.

The courses comprise six, weekly sessions, each lasting about two hours. Half of each class involves hands-on practice, supported by volunteers, who can provide one to one assistance.

Lesson one: Introduction
•     Overview of course
•     Introduction to the internet and how to get on line
•     Introduction to web browsers and search engines
•     Practising basic search skills

Lesson two: Staying safe on line
•     Anti-virus and firewall
•     Password security
•     Awareness of scams
•     Awareness of fraud
•     Using secure websites
•     Using credit and debit cards
•     Avoiding exploitation
•     Advice from Warwickshire Trading Standards

Lesson three: Communication
•     Setting up an email account
•     Composing emails
•     Replying to emails
•     Forwarding emails
•     Attaching files to emails
•     Setting up a Skype account
•     Introduction to social networking

Lesson four: Managing money more effectively
•     Online banking
•     Saving money on train tickets
•     Internet shopping
•     Improving search techniques

Lesson five: Increasing income
•     Getting financial advice
•     Getting the best savings rates
•     Selling things on eBay
•     Using Pay Pal
•     Using customer service terminals

Lesson six: Saving money on utilities
•     Cheaper gas and electricity
•     Cheaper broadband connections
•     Using social networking
•     Backing up
•     Review of course

Participants at the first of four WebWise Courses being run by AgeUK 
at Harbury Village Library